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Password JDM - Shirt "ITS ALL ABOUT JDM" COLOR - BLACK (PWATM-AAJ-BK) is available to buy in increments of 1

Hypers and Haters, I see them on the forums going back and forth like it’s the end of the world… It seems like everybody’s got an opinion and they all gotta be vocal about it. It’s like their 2 sec. of fame and it’s on the msg. boards everywhere. For all of you fellas, whether you hate it or love it, I got something to tell all of you… “It’s All about JDM!” “Save the Drama for your Mama!” I loved it so much; I made a shirt for you guys. 

Lets just cut the to the chase and keep it real. We all love cars, some of our cars are straight out better than others… others just gotta step up their game or step out of the way. It’s like any other sport. Stop crying, stop whining, and stop being a kid about it. “Save the Drama for Your Mama!” Man up and pay attention… “It’s all about JDM!“ 

This shirt goes for everybody, we all have a gripe or two every now and then. But lets be real, why all the drama? Does the animosity make it any better for the game? So much tension lets just keep it straight and real. Like all the other Password:JDM gear we offer, another great shirt to rock like it like its meant to be… rock it everywhere! 

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